Automatically Tag Your Orders On Shopify

Automatically Tag Your Orders On Shopify

Our app allows you to set tagging rules based a variety of customer actions.

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Order Tagger Features

  • Tag by Product Variant

    Tag the order based on the product variant bought

  • Tag by Product

    Tag your order based on what product they buy. 

  • Back Date Your Rules

    Your rules don't have to just apply to new orders coming in. Apply your rules above to older customers as well

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the app tag orders automatically?

Yes, it tags them in real time. When a new order comes in which matches the rules you have set, the app automatically tags that order record

How can I use the order tag effectively?

You can use order tags to categories and manage all new orders coming in. Maybe some products need to be fulfilled by different departments, and therefore you need to ensure they are tagged some each department knows which orders to deal with. 

What if there's a particular feature we want?

If there's a feature which you need, feel free to email us at and we will try our best to help out. We love creating new features so always open to new ideas. 

Leumas Shopify Experts

Leumas Shopify Experts

We are Leumas Digital and specialise in Shopify Apps and custom coding. 

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